Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cesc denies racist insults against Kanoute

Cesc Fabregas publicly denied that he blasted any racist comment against Frédéric Kanouté during the match between Barcelona and Sevilla last saturday.

As we know, Sevilla's striker reacted against Cesc and almost started a fight. That action forced the referee to show the red card to Kanouté. Newspapers today speculated that Fabregas could have told him racial insults.

Fabregas rapidly denied this version. "I have played with footballers from all around the world. I have an arabic tatoo. My girlfriend is from Lebanon. It makes no sense to suggest that I did that kind of thing" said Cesc.

Messi missed a penalty shot as Barcelona only got a 0-0 tie with Sevilla

According to Josep Guardiola, Sevilla is one of the big teams in Spain. And the final result seem to prove him right. Barcelona FC could only achieve a 0-0 tie with Sevilla last saturday at the Camp Nou.

The most valuable player of the game was Sevilla's goalkeeper Javi Varas. Not just for his impressive saves during the 90 minutes, but for stopping Lio Messi's penalty shoot in the very last minute of the match.

The referee showed the red card to Fernando Navarro and Kanoute, but that could not keep Sevilla from rescueing an important point.

Barcelona falls to the second place of the Spanish League, right behind leaders Real Madrid.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cesc almost recovered, to play against Sevilla

Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas is almost fully recovered from his injury. The popular footballer aims to return to action against Sevilla in the Spanish League.

He took part of the last training session with the rest of the squad. Barcelona's coach Jose Guardiola will not allow him to play against Viktoria Pilsen for the European Competition in order to ensure his proper recovery.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Once again Messi stands out with two brilliant goals against Racing

The 2011/2012 season still has Lio Messi and Barcelona in the spotlight. The blaugrana team defeated Racing Santander 3-0 with two great goals scored by the argentinian genius. The other one was netted by Xavi Hernandez.

The game at the Camp Nou was almost a monologue of Guardiola's team. Messi, Xavi and Iniesta - who just recovered from an injury - dominated the game and generated the goals for Barcelona. When Iniesta and Lio play together, their game turns out to be unstoppable.

Guardiola used some players that usually do not play from the first minute: Maxwell and Thiago. Both of them did a great job against Racing.

Barcelona remains as leader of the Spanish League, with 17 points. Real Madrid follows them with 16, and Valencia share the third place with Levante.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wallpaper: Real Madrid 0 - Barcelona 2

Barcelona's victory in this Champions League semifinal almost secured their pass to the great final. Messi was the hero in this 0-2 win over Real Madrid, and you can have those moments right in your desktop. Choose your screen resolution and click on the image to expand. Then, right click on the wallpaper, and choose "save image as".

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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Supreme Messi crushed Mourinho's hopes

Josep Guardiola's best answer to Mourinho was not his latest words at the press room. This Barcelona's 0-2 win over Madrid was the real hit for the Portuguese coach. And Pep's the most lethal weapon was, once again, Lionel Messi.

Messi netted two superb goals and almost decided this Champions League semifinal in favor of Barcelona. A 10-men Real Madrid could not stop him, even in a game full of fouls and violence.

Mourinho complained about the referee and about UEFA helping Barcelona in every competition they play. He also said that winning Barcelona in the second game will be "not only tough. It will be impossible".

This was the third "clasico" in fifteen days, in we still have one left to play.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Guardiola blasts against Mourinho

Just a few hours before the Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Josep Guardiola decided to blast against Jose Mourinho with explosive statements.

The Catalan coach said that Mourinho is "the f*** boss of this press room. In this room, he is the smartest person in the world. Tomorrow we will face him on the pitch. Off the pitch, he has already won".

"We have worked together for four years, that's all I want him to remember. I know him really good" said Guardiola.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Iniesta backs Guardiola's latest statements

Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola complained about the possibility of having a Portuguese referee, and also said that Real Madrid are favorites for the first leg of the Champions League semis on wednesday. Many spanish newspapers have reacted to those words since that's not the usual style of Guardiola.

Andres Iniesta expressed his support for Guardiola, saying that the coach "did not mean to find excuses. We are going to win this match, and we have never talked about excuses before".

Wednesday's "clásico" will be the third Real Madrid-Barcelona duel in the last 12 days, and the most important so far.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Madrid win Copa del Rey with Cristiano Ronaldo's header

Barcelona lost to Real Madrid 1-0 in the "Copa del Rey" Final, an even more painful result because of the fact that is the classic rival.

The second "clásico" in 5 days took place at the Mestalla Stadium and it was similar to the previous game at the Santiago Bernabeu: it was intense and tough. But this time, Barcelona was not able to score, and Cristiano Ronaldo finally proved to be a hero for big games too.

Now all Barcelona fans must wait for the Champions League semis to seek revenge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: "Copa del Rey" Final is not the match of the season for Guardiola

For Josep Guardiola, it makes sense to hear that Real Madrid will use counterattacks as their main strategy against Barcelona. That's why he said this 'Copa del Rey' Final "will not be the game of the season".

"Our philosophy is to play and move really fast, to get tired of playing great football" said the Catalan coach. "I'm in no position to criticise Mourinho's strategy".

Barcelona arrived at Valencia and visited the Mestalla Stadium, the perfect scenario for such a final. But Guardiola remains cautious. "Beating Real Madrid in a final will not chage history. Such a result will not change everything that Madrid have won."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: 1-1 draw in first duel

The 1-1 draw tasted like victory for Real Madrid. Mourinho's side displayed a great performance in front of the best team in the world and have a morale boost which help them face the next three derbies with real hopes of beating Guardiola's squad. Still, Barcelona remains 8 points ahead of Madrid and are almost champions of the Spanish League.

Talented Lionel Messi scored the opener with a penalty shoot. Cristiano Ronaldo netted the equalizar in the second in the same style.

The duel Ronaldo-Messi ended up tied as well. The Portuguese striker proved to be just as crucial for his team as the argentinian star.

Now Guardiola has to prepare his team for the second derby, the most important one so far, in the Copa del Rey final.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Guardiola cautious with his words

With four Barcelona vs. Real Madrid games in the next 18 days, Barcelona's coach Guardiola knows that he must be careful with his words before facing their classic rival. His team will battle Real Madrid tonight at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and he spoke about that.

Despite having some of the best players in the world, such as Messi or Iniesta, Guardiola prefers to be cautious. "Real Madrid are favorites in this game. They run more than us, they shoot more than we do. They are faster and stronger... I've never seen a team like them" said the catalan coach.

This first derby has not the same importance as the Copa del Rey final or the Champion's semis, but it will be really important to achieve a victory to face the rest duels with less pressure.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Puyol fit for the first derby

Carles Puyol is completely recovered from a tough injury that kept him from playing during three months. That's good news for Guardiola, who is focused in using his best men to beat Real Madrid.

Josep Guardiola is taking the whole squad to Madrid, even those players that cannot be in this match: Mascherano, Abidal and Bojan.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spectacular Barcelona crushed Shakhtar 5-1 and almost secured their pass to the semis

FC Barcelona travel to Ukraine with one objective in mind: defeat Shakhtar and score as many goals as possible. Both objectives were accomplished. The 1-5 win of Guardiola's team is more than enough to think that Barcelona and Real Madrid will battle for a place in the Champions League final.

The first goal, scored by Andres Iniesta, came very early and change the plans of the local team. Their defensive line could not resist the counterattacks the the other four goals could have been a lot more.

Dani Alves, Pique, Keita and Xavi scored the last four goals, and the leg was over for Shakhtar, that save their honor only with a goal netted by Rakitskiy.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Guardiola has a "bad feeling" about the game against Shakhtar

Barcelona and Shakhtar will battle tomorrow for a place in the Champions League semifinals. And Spanish coach Josep Guardiola has a bad feeling about this game.

It's not usual to hear Guardiola talking about the possibility of having a bad result. But this time, he did. "Some people laugh at the Shakhtar, but they are a super team. They have won their national league, the Europa League... they are really good".

Monday, April 04, 2011

Champions League: Barcelona fans will not arrive in time for the match against Donetsk

Guardiola's team will battle against Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine without their loyal fan legion. Catalan supporters won't travel with their club because of an unexpected cancellation by the travel agency.

According to the club, the trip was cancelled because the demand for tickets was too low. In fact, the agency already warned the club about this possibility.

The trip for the football match, no hotel room included, costs 510 euros, which was consider too expensive for most fans.

Gerard Pique: Messi has something else that makes him better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is convinced that Lionel Messi is far better than Cristiano Ronaldo, even when he admits that the Portuguese is a "spectacular player".

"Both are extremely strong and really hard to play against" but Messi "has something else". According to Pique, Lio is one of the few footballer in history that can decide a game by himself.

"To stop Ronaldo, you must force him to drive the ball with his left leg, and keep him from shooting a long pass" Pique assured. "But Messi... you just can't steal the ball from him".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Copa del Rey: Barcelona crushed Almeria and almost secured their place in the final

Guardiola's side got an impressive 5-0 win in the first leg of their Copa del Rey semi-final against Almeria. Only a complete disaster in the next game would keep Barcelona from playing in the final game of the "Copa del Rey".

Lionel Messi was the star, once again, scoring twice. The other goals were netted by David Villa,Keita and Pedrito. Almeria had no chance against an inspired team.

The front men in Barcelona were extremely precise tonight. Messi, Pedro and Villa were a constant nightmare for Garcia, Pellerano and Macedo. Goalkeeper Esteban had nothing to do in the five goals.

J. Luis Oltra's team had an amazing campaign that reached the peak by playing in this semifinals. But it seems like it will be impossible to beat Barcelona for more than 5 goals in their second game.