Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hristo Stoichkov about to asume a management position at Barcelona

Former Barcelona star Hristo Stoichkov said that he will return to the Catalan club to be part of the board of directors or at least to asume an important position in the administration of Sandro Rosell. It all depends on current negotiations.

The Bulgarian player was famous not only for his amazing talent with the ball, but also for his explosive character.

"First of all the conversations must reach an agreement, only then I will say more about my future. It's possible that in the next days I will asume a position close to the coach. And if we can't reach an agreement, I will simply go in another direction" Stoichkov said.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alves: The news pay too much attention to Mourinho

Brazilian defender Dani Alves expressed that the newspapers should leave Mourinho alone, because they already pay too much attention to anything he says. Alves stated that there is no extra motivation to play against him.

Mourinho loves to give press conferences and the media will always obtain headlines from those, and Alves is aware of this. But he does not want the people to feel like Barcelona players are constantly thinking about beating him. "The press thinks that we are talking about him all day long, but it's not true".

"He is a good coach leading a good team. That's it. He has won just as many titles as me and many players at Barcelona, so it's not that special" Alves concluded.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Puyol: I don't like to hear doubts about Xavi's work

Barcelona captain Carles Puyol said today that he is not pleased with some speculations about Xavi Hernandez pretending to have an injury in order to avoid their game against Mallorca.

"It makes no sense. Xavi is always eager to play, to be there for the team. His stats prove it, and if he is not playing this game, is because he really has an injury" Puyol assured

The Spanish defender said that he does not read the news very often but those rumours about Xavi still reached him, and that is a bad signal.

Puyol is happy that Xavi as well as David Villa are recovering from their physical problems and are very likely to play agains the powerful Valencia. "They are both key players" he finished.