Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spectacular Messi scores four goal to lead Barcelona to the semis

When you think he can't do it any better, he simply proves you wrong. This was a Champions League semifinal against Arsenal, something apparently simple for a genious like Lionel Messi. The super talented footballer scored four goals to crush the English team and help Barcelona reach the semifinals.

The Camp Nou expected to see the best player in history make new tricks tonight, and he gave us four. Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner scored the opener, but after that, it was all about Lio. The Number 10 netted four goal at minutes 21, 37, 42 and 88.

Even Arsene Wenger admitted the huge talent of the argentinian player: "Congratulations to Barcelona, they were far better than us. For me Lionel Messi is the best player in the world by some distance."

Now the Spanish club will face Inter Milan for a spot in the final game. The Italina squad defeated CSKA today by 1-0.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Guadiola happy with result against Arsenal, thinks now in Athletic

Pep Guardiola claims that the match against Athletic Club is the most important right now: "It's our obligation to focus on the next match, that's what we always intend to do, now more than ever. Some people loves to see the game that comes in one month, or the last one that we won. I want to avoid that.

With these words, Guardiola tries to have the press anda fans talk about the next game and not about the derby against Real Madrid.

Asked about the rough game that Athletic usually plays, he said that "the referee should be working on that. If there is too much contact, that's because we are not fast enough."

Guardiola also praised his team after the tie with Arsenal in the Champions League. Even though they could not achieve a victory, Pep is aware that they faced a really strong squad, and a 2-2 as a visitor is a great result.