Thursday, March 23, 2006

Henry supported Eto'o in the tough time

With all the speculations about Thierry Henry going to Barcelona, Samuel Eto'o was asked by the press to give an opinion.

What the press didn't know is that the two strikers are very good friends. After this week's victory over Getafe, Eto'o said in public: "It's ridiculous people are saying I'll be upset if Thierry Henry was to join us.

"They say I'd be upset because he'd take my place. But how can I be angry with my great friend Thierry?!!"

Now we know that when Eto'o suffered racial abuse from Real Zaragoza fans last month, it was the French striker who sent him a series of SMS messages in support of the Cameroon star. A really good gesture.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there my name is Nompie and I'm from South Africa,I'm Eto'o's no1 fan and I really get hurt when bad things are done to Samuel Eto'o.My heart really gets broken.Please if you could please stop discourage him.I thank people like Thierry Henry for keeping him strong,you're such a good friend.I will always love and support you Samuel Eto'o
-love your South African no1 fan!!